Flameless TurboLighter™

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The TurboLighter™  will be the only lighter you will ever need in your life. It's slim profile coil lighter is super slick and super convenient, it is time to ditch your butane cigarette lighter and replace it with this flameless lighter.

  • No more repeated clicks to get a flame going.
  • Tap and fire. Touch screen.
  • Use this in the wind, at the beach, in the rain without worrying about it blowing out. 
  • It'll outlast any fuel-powered lighter on the market with its zinc metal alloy case.
  • Fast and high quality charger (less than 1 hour of charging).
  • Lighting at the touch of a button.
  • 18 Different designs to choose from.

Safety functions : Can not ignite while charging or when the lid is closed - Great alternative to Zippo, Bic, or Clipper brand gas filled lighters. Easy to use, just open the lid and touch the blue lighted sensor, the coil instantly turns on.

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