Zeyfer™ - Slap Folding Sunglasses

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Never Lose Your Sunglasses Again!

These Zeyfer - Slap Folding Sunglasses are the first sunglasses in the world that ‘clip’ to your head so they won’t fall off, then fold and ‘slap’ around your wrist, ankle, bike handlebars or just about anything else. Never lose your glasses again!

Slap Folding Sunglasses are a revolutionary style of sunglasses with a unique design that’s both innovative and fun. The secret is in the ground-breaking frames which feature a special hinged nose-bridge and in the silicone-coated sprung steel arms.

Girl Slap

  • Folding Design. Slap Folding Sunglasses will snap on to your head and stay on while running, playing sports, driving, or any other lifestyle activity. These casual specs feature a hinge at their nose-bridge to fold in half, aligning their tactile silicone-coated slap bracelet-like arms that can wrap around your wrist, ankle, bike handlebars, or anything else that’s suitable.
  • Durable silicone-coated arms. Frames and lens are unbreakable so there’s a minimal risk to break sunglasses with such high quality.
  • Protection against harmful UVA/UVB rays (UV 400 Protection which blocks 100% of harmful UV rays). Use them when you're going to ride a bicycle, drive a car, go running or fishing, trekking or other outdoor activities.
  • Lightweight material. The revolutionary Slap Folding Sunglasses are casual lightweight sunglasses that are designed to slap onto your wrist when not in use like the slap bracelets.
  • Сonvenient to wear. Slap-on Glasses double as a wristband or bracelet as well as a fashionable pair of sunglasses!
  • One size fits most. With a range of different 'slap' colors, there are Slap Folding Sunglasses to suit everyone and every style!


Folding Sunglasses

Slap Sunglasses

Check out how to use the Slap Folding Sunglasses below...

Slip them on
Step 1: Straighten the Arms
Step 2: Unfold the Hinge of the Shades
Step 3: Wear as per any pair of Shades
Step 4: Secure by clicking the ends of the Arms.

Slap them away
Step 1: Fold Hinge of Shades
Step 2: Slap onto where you would like to keep your Shades
Step 3: Never Lose your Shades!

What are polarized lenses?

Polarized lenses are transparent pieces of material, usually glass or plastic, that block certain types of light waves. Sunglasses and camera lenses are often polarized to reduce glare from surfaces, such as light reflecting off a lake or the hood of a car. Somewhat like the way Venetian blinds control the amount of sunlight passing through a window, polarization blocks as much as 50% of the light passing through a lens. The person looking through the lens can still see clearly in most cases, but it reduces the brightness and glare of light. Higher quality lenses have film laminated between two layers of lens material, preventing it from being scratched or rubbed off. In addition, the more dense the film is, the more polarization it provides.

polarized lamilation


Material: Polycarbonate + Plastic + Rubber 
Polarized: Polarized / normal
Lenses Optical Attribute: Mirror, UV400 Protection Against Harmful UVA/UV
Total Width: 145mm
Lens Width: 52mm
Lens Height: 49mm
Bridge: 20mm
Leg Length: 155mm
Weight: 16G
Colors: Orange Red, White, Rose Red, Green, Black, Blue
Suitable Face: Round Face, Long Face, Square Face, Oval Face
Usage Scope: Shopping, Party, Travel, Outdoor Sports, Driving
Gender: Unisex

Package Includes:

1 x Slap Folding Sunglasses