3 Way Cat Tunnel Toy

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This 3 way cat tunnel is not just a tunnel, but a hiding spot, lookout and place to sleep, too. This interactive toy engages your kitty’s natural instincts as she runs through it in pursuit of her “prey” or practices her stalking skills from a safe vantage point. She might also use it as a safe place to keep her favorite toys or a cozy spot for an extended cat nap. It’s easy to set up and folds down into a flat circle that’s compact and easy to store and transport.


  • Adorable and delicate appearance with unique 4 connected tunnels design. Hanging balls with strong ropes inside can lure cats into tunnels.

  • Lined with crinkling paper that your pets will find irresistible. They will have hours of fun exploring into and out of the small house.

  • Ideal hide-out or playing toy for cats, guinea pig, rabbits and so on.

  • No need too much space. There includes a portable storage bag which can store folded tunnels.


  • Big enough to fit cats,rabbits and puppies running through the tunnel.
  • It has 3 tunnels whereas most are just a single one so it's good for even 2 or more cats to share it together- one of the tunnels has a "crinkly" sound, which is fun to listen to when they walk through it.
  • Certainly durable enough to withstand some claws-out pouncing and biting well keep furniture been scratched.
  • Very easy to set up and collapse for storage.
  • One of the cat tunnels has a ball with a bell in it that the cats can bat around - Extra endless fun for pets!



Package included:
1 X Pet tunnel
1 X Storage bag